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It seems that Air Canada will do everything in its power to avoid providing refunds for cancellations & delays, even when its required by law.


Over the years both seats & leg room only continue to get smaller.. Next up, seats are going to be on top of each other if they keep it up at this rate.


Expect zero help at the airports from overwhelmed & short staffed crews, plus as few customer service agents as they can possibly get away with if you dare dial in your issue by phone.


Whether it's cancelled flights, lack of refunds, or inadequate customer service, you can vent about about it all here.

black and white Air Canada airplane
black and white Air Canada airplane


If I could give Air Canada a 0/10 I would.If you want your baggage to get lost forever, fly Air Canada! Had the worst experience with Air Canada on a flight from Vancouver to Shanghai when we arrived at the baggage claim and one of our bags had not arrived. We checked in the bag and it has taken 5+ days to locate the bag (which I would like to say has still not returned to us...). Even after 5 days there is still NO ANSWER as to where the baggage is. We've been given the run around for days now. Also, not one person has APOLOGIZED or taken responsibility for the baggage being lost.When asked about compensation because we lost a bag full of our belongings we were not given a straight answer (names are Leo, June and Kevin to name a few customer service agents who were not helpful). It seems like no one in this company has any idea what they are doing!!! We've called every 7-8 hours to get an update on the baggage location, yet no one seems to know. Don't you have baggage numbers or tracking?! It's ridiculous. I will never recommend flying Air Canada to anyone. You've been warned... I dare you to book with Air Canada.
- TripAdvisor

The issue with Air Canada is when things go wrong, then tend to go very, very wrong and the airline makes it difficult to correct things to the point of complete indifference. So regardless of how many times things go right, typically if you've ever had to deal with Air Canada's customer service you've probably felt like you were in one of the circles of hell.
- Reddit

Spent 420 USD on and business upgrade on a flight with Air Canada. Things look up. Go to check in the next day and they let us know the plane has been downgraded and our seats moved. Also, there is no business class. Did I get a phone call? No. Did get an email? No. Did I get a carrier pigeon? No. That sucks, but at least I can get my money back, right? Not exactly. Although this major airline can take my money at an incredible rate, it apparently takes a minimum of 3 weeks to get it back, AND had I not called to bring this up, they would have kept my money. How is this legal?
- Reddit